Saturday, October 10, 2009

10+ Get paid for email reading

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E-mail Pays U offers its opt-in subscribers two very profitable forms of paid e-mails. Our standard paid to read email earns you $.02 per email advertisement you receive and read from our company. Subscribers can also earn valuable point e-mails that are exchanged for cash 6 times a year.

Combine this with our powerful referral program and the pennies really start to add up. When you join our program you will receive your own unique referral website link. Share your referral link with others and you'll earn $.01 for every paid to read e-mail advertisement they read and an additional $.01 for all the paid to read e-mail advertisements their referrals read. You will also earn 25% for all the paid with point email advertisements your referrals read for 2 full referral levels. See how quickly pennies can turn into dollars!

E-Mail Pays U will also pay you to click! Clicks or hits are a type currency on the internet. We will pay you to visit websites in our daily program. You earn $.005 (1/2 a penny) for every website you visit!

Explode your earnings!

By successfully combining the Internet, e-mail and referral marketing you can easily earn extra money. Could you use an extra $20, $40 or even more just for reading a few e-mails?

By keeping our advertising prices affordable our members will reap the rewards of many paid to read, paid with points e-mail advertisements. Our program is a very affordable and highly effective means of advertising.

Paid to Read Email !

By joining for free you will get paid by advertisers to read emails each day. It only takes a few minutes to read the emails too. Only expect about 5 emails a day.

Each company allows you to sign up to receive email from advertisers in topics you are interested in and get paid up to a Dime or 10 cents for each one!

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Benefits Of Joining [:-)

Receive $3.00 signup bonus instantly

Get paid for reading your email

Get paid for filling out survey

Get paid for taking free trials

Get paid in less than 72 hours!

To join hit the link----

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