Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top 5 social messaging services

Getting bored of using social network like facebook,orkut,my space etc.. Here is an excellent alternatives for all traditional social networking websites. It is very simple just sign up with your email account and create a community you like(make your friends and other people to join with you) and start sharing your thought,messages,wishes,news..etc anything you like with your community directly to their mobile phones (no internet connection needed).
This is the biggest difference which make social messaging service as a unique one. In my view this social messaging services will rule ultimate social networking & the best alternatives for all traditional social networking websites (Facebook, Orkut, Myspace..etc).

y r u waiting guys...?

Just sign up

Create ur community, share your thought worlwide with your mobile phones...!!

It is a social messaging service to share and connect with friends and fans

Over 25 million users, billions of messages sent

To join hit the link---

To join hit the link---

To get free sms daily login to---

It is a SMS Blog is a group or a live community on which could be used for microblogging (life streaming), sharing info on some specific area of interest, or spreading the word on an event / activity streaming.

It is also fast and free blogging via SMS

To join & more info visit---

-----Micro-blogging & sharing website..

Start your SMS blog

Follow friends and tags

Share SMSes on email, facebook, orkut or twitter

To join & more info---

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